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Chasing Sunshine: Exploring Annapolis’ Best Dog-Friendly Walking Spots

Annapolis' Best Dog-Friendly Walking Spots
Whether your dog is part collie or part couch potato, Annapolis has so much to offer.

We had another beautiful day in Annapolis today; whether it’s because of Spring or a Fools’ Spring, my dog and I are grateful for the sunshine. Regardless, my pup Nettie and I are going to try and hit all of our favorite walking spots while it lasts. Whether your dog is part collie or part couch potato, Annapolis has so much to offer. From lazy walks to challenging parks, here are some spots you might catch us at this year!

Best Dog-Friendly Walking Spots in Annapolis
Wait…Did someone say “Walk?

1. Quiet Waters

Those of you who join us on pack walks have probably already heard how much I love this park! Boasting over 6 miles of paved trail, Quiet Waters is my favorite way to tire out your dog. For the more adventurous, the enclosed dog beach allows your dog to catch some rays or get their laps.

For the two-legged, there is ice skating, picnic areas and a playground. There is even a composting demonstration area, so you can say you learned something! The beautiful South River and Harness Creek views give you some great photo opportunities. The best part? You might see the Pup Scouts there!

Quiet Waters in Annapolis for Dog walking
There’s plenty to see at Quiet Waters!

2. Downtown Annapolis 

We humans all have our favorite parts of DTA, but I’ve noticed our furry friends have some can’t-miss spots also! The winding streets are dotted with dog-friendly businesses. Some leave out treats and water bowls- these are dog-friendly businesses.

You can easily while away a beautiful morning walking along the waterfront. The historic buildings, outside patios and waterfront piers, offer fantastic photo ops. The best part? You might see the Pup Scouts there!

Annapolis Waterfront for Dog walking
The Annapolis Waterfront is a great spot for pictures and lunch: I’m sure they would agree!

3. Truxton Park 

Truxton Park in Annapolis for Dog walking
Above Remy letting his nose do some work at Truxton Park!

Size isn’t everything (ask any Jack Russell owner), but the 70-plus acres that Truxton Park is certainly reason enough to visit. Though the trail it offers is only 1.5 miles, you and your leashed pup can explore the whole park.

I often use this trail for older dogs with measured exercise plans, but woods make it perfect for a “Sniffari”! The community pool and boat/kayak launch make Truxton a popular spot for sporting locals, so there are plenty of chances for you and your dog to socialize.

4. Broad Creek Park

Located just off Harry S Truman Parkway, Broad Creek offers a beautiful 4.7-mile trail you and your dog can enjoy. The serene landscape and wooded areas make for an enriching Sniffari for your dog and an abundance of exercise endorphins for you!

Broad Creek is also open until 8 P.M for those who tend to work later, making it ideal for evening constitutionals with your best friend. Broad Creek is considered a moderately challenging trail, making it no trouble for most dogs. However, if your pup is a little older or recovering, you may want to check out some of the easier trails in the area.

Broad Creek Park in Annapolis for Dog walking
Nettie and Swiffer stop for a photo op on the Broad Creek Trail

5. Downs Park (Honorable Mention)

While Downs Park is a 28-minute drive from the heart of Naptown, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. This 236-acre park has over 2,000 feet of shoreline, a bird sanctuary, a brand-new playground, two basketball courts, a fishing pier, multiple gardens and an enclosed dog beach. Opportunities for amazing photos are limitless.

Rounding off the list of amenities is over six miles of paved trail, enough to challenge the most rambunctious of pups! One of my favorite parks in the state, I use Downs Park as the setting for many of my dog training sessions. Due to the spaciousness of the park, it is also a fantastic spot to take dogs that may be more reactive, as there are plenty of opportunities to create distance between them and other dogs/people.

Downs Park in Annapolis for Dog walking
Pickles is enjoying all that Downs Park has to offer!

We are fortunate to live in an area with many fantastic places to take your dog. Introducing your dog to new places, sights, smells, and people is a fantastic way to help them grow more comfortable with the world around them and enrich and exercise them in ways outside of pure physical exertion.

Put simply, the more new things that a dog is exposed to, the less that new things will unnerve them.

Here at MD Pup Scouts, we offer pack walking at many of these parks. We provide your dog with an enriching walk that will tire them out and help them mature. If you’re interested, please reach out for info at, or you can reach out to me at

At the end of dog walking
The best part of the end of the walk

Happy trails, and tell your dog I said hi!